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Part 3: Proxy Script Installation

Setting up a proxy script is easy and within a few minutes we will have our pre Adsense optimised template up and running but before we start make sure you have pointed your domain name at your new hosting! It will save you hours of head scratching later. When choosing a template keep in mind they need to be:

  • Adsense or advert optimised
  • It doesn’t generate any errors and it loads quickly
  • Space to add your own content, and that you can add additional pages with the same look easily

Ready made Proxy Templates

You might be tempted to look for a web design which looks great but if it doesn’t fulfill the above 3 criteria then it is not worth a dime. If in doubt why not try some of these PHProxy templates.

Earning With Your Proxy Sites

The methods to monetise your site is nearly limitless but it’s worth keeping in mind your audience do not normally have credit cards! Affiliate marketing might therefore be off limits to you.

Google Adsense
Google Adsense is the Daddy of advertising, and should be your first port of call, however if you have not already joined Adsense program and have another site that is not a proxy you may wish to use that site on your application. Once your approved you can create channels and simply plug your adsense publisher ID into your optimised template.

Adbrite is similar to Adsense but primarily deals with banner images, it provides a good revenue stream however. Signing up is simple and they accept proxy sites without question.

Adversal allows you to earn $1.2 per 1000 impressions using pop ups or pop unders, which generates a new window with their advert. Adversal works well when combined with Adbrite Indeed you can add the code directly underneath the Adbrite code. Ultimately it’s the combination of these methods that produce the best results, with Adsense on the front page (since it breaches Googles TOS to include it on the proxy pages themselves) and Adbite/Adversal on the proxified pages.

Adsense Optimization

Adsense can easily be the most profitable of our sources, the key to remember is Adsense uses click throughs to pay you, so the more people click the more money you get! Ultimately it’s not the number of visitors to the page that is important but the number of click throughs. Try to rotate through various templates regularly you don’t want your visitors to become ad blind, just don’t make the changes to radical after all you don’t want them to think they have come to the wrong site!

When using adsense:
Use at least one image ad, these are normal bold and designed to attract the users eye, remember Google doesn’t allow you to include images to prompt action (i.e big arrow marked click here) so by clustering text ads near image ads often improves click through of the text ads.
2 potential spots for high click through include underneath your logo and directly under the proxy URL submit box, these areas are likely to have increased CTR due to misclicks but we might as well make use of this misfortune.

Put the ads before the URL submit box, don’t make it entirely invisible though if the user can’t see the box initially they are not going to be bothered to click a link as they have already moved on to the next proxy.

After our proxy in live and running, we need to learn how to promote a proxy.