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Part 4: Proxy Promotion

“How To Get More Than 1000 Unique Visitors Per Day”

Proxies are unique when it comes to promotion, because of their short shelf life you need to promote them in less traditional ways. However with a bit of patience you can easily reach more then a 1000 unique visitors.

Submit your site to Different Proxy Newsletters

Proxy newsletters, Yahoo groups, Google Groups are all good examples of places to submit your proxy to. These groups have an army of subscribers all who want to know about proxies, just remember that blacklist creators might also be in these groups and so potentially these are more useful once your other promotion ideas dry up. Newsletters often require paying to get your link included but reach thousands of potential visitors in one go giving very large bursts.

Submit your Proxies sites to Proxy Topsites

Proxy Topsites are websites which notify users of proxies that are active. Users vote their favourite sites up to the top of the list (though some simply pay their way there). Nearly 50% of visitors will use some sort of Proxy top site list to find their proxy of choice, and will often return to the site through the Top site list.

Top Sites nearly always require a link from the proxies on the list, try to pick a site in which you can compete with. Remember you are looking for traffic you can monetise, look for top list with few adverts, a heavily monetised top list will make users even more ad blind normal. Other things to look for

  • Is it easy to find sites on
  • Is it sending traffic
  • Where does the top site target, the USA or China?

Try finding Top Site Lists which are sending a good amount of traffic but with limited competition. It is a lot easier to manage 50-60 visitors from several sites which you are the number 1 proxy then attempt to get 100-150 visitors from a large list where you struggle to be in the top 100.

Buy Some Proxy Topsites featured links

I have already mentioned that some top lists charge for the top spots, advertising as a feature link or as a generic advertiser can be as cheap as $5-$10 a month making them a good investment. Even if you are not planning on buying links on Top Sites asking about advertising packages is not a bad idea as it gives you a legitimate reason to ask about stats and demographics.

A good proxy top list site feature link can easily bring 500 to 3000 visitors and will quickly pay you back.

Use Your Myspace Account Smartly

Most Proxy users want to get to Myspace so Myspace is the perfect place to advertise, build up friends and let visiting people to your proxy know your myspace handle so they can get updates on proxies. Using Myspace Bulletin board system to send out new proxy locations can net around 500 unique visitors even if your friend list is less then 500 visits.

Proxy Promotions in Traditional Way

Promoting in forums and answering questions on places like Yahoo Answers will net you long term traffic. This sort of promotion is very time consuming but worth it as it provides repeat traffic. Helping others is a great way to get free publicity.

Proxy promotion needs to be done creative! You can’t just rely on search engine traffic simply as because the black listers will be searching there. However we a mixture of toplists, myspace profile building, mailing list and newsletters and yahoo groups you can easily get a 1000 visitors a day. Once your visitors have arrived on your site use them to spread the word, offer incentives to tell their friends, and get them to sign up to a newsletter of your choice. Building up a loyal following will give you regular traffic source just be aware that you may need to find new ways to monetise your long term visitors.

You’re almost done, check this last proxy secrets for webmaster.