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Part 1: Introduction To Proxy Sites

What Is A Proxy Site?

A Proxy is when an action is done through another in computing terms this means actions through an anonymous server connection. A Proxy site allows you to access through anonymous server connection browse any web page on Internet using a normal browser. When the user connects to the proxy site they enter the address they wish to view in the proxy sites address bar. The proxy site server then connects to the requested page on behalf of the user and presents the user with the returned content.

Why Proxy Sites are doing so well?

As computing has become more prevalent so have the restrictions, the average age of the proxy site is just 15 years making the average proxy users school children and college students. Most people use proxies to circumvent their local ISP (school, college, hotel wifi) to browse social networking sites like Myspace, Bebo, Orkut & Facebook. However social networking sites are not the only requested sites with porn often rating highly on the list or accessing content that the user thinks people will find inappropriate.

Why Do People Need So Many Proxy Sites?

ISPs are well aware of the existence of proxy sites, and rather then manually hunting them down and blocking the site from their network they make extensive use of blacklists. Once a proxy site is on a blacklist its traffic levels drop to an almost nothing and so users move to the next one and so on. Old proxies are quickly replaced with new ones in a near continual cycle eventually the blacklist sites catch up with the new proxies and the cycle repeat. It is this cycle that we can take advantage of to make a continuous income stream, with very little investment and with this guide you will be able to develop your first proxy from start to making $10/day.

Getting Started With Proxy Sites

Proxy Scripts

There are several “open source” (free) scripts which can be used to create a proxy site but each has its drawbacks as well as advantages. The major proxy scripts use different scripting languages PHP and Perl however nearly all major web servers have both installed. Lets take a closer look at each of the scripts that you could use;

PHProxy Proxy Script
PHProxy is one of the most economical of the scripts using less system resources and therefore costing you less. It is also pretty good at rendering (presenting) the page to the user but it does struggle with complicated javascript that can be found on some myspace pages.

CGI Proxy Script
CGI Proxy is a more comprehensive script capable of rendering pages well but it is less efficient and consumes more system resources it is also written in Perl and requires some dependencies to be installed.

Zelune Proxy Script
Is while not as well known as the other two listed here considered to be the most efficient of the three in terms of system resources it was also designed specifically to be compatible with Myspace rendering Myspace javascript without issue.

The PHProxy Script is a good script to start with and particularly if you ever used PHP scripts before. The CGI proxy script is a good investment if you can afford the increased hosting cost for its advanced features while Zelune is good for Myspace space specific Proxies. For the rest of this guide we will concentrate on PHP Proxy which is probably the most user friendly.

Now we have chosen the script it’s time to look at the Domain Name.