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Part 2: Domain Names & Hosting

Domain names can be critical to the success of a successful proxy, you need to pick a name that is easy to remember but is not obviously a proxy. Avoid words like “proxy” or “hide” most blacklist and indeed ISP filters will be looking for such domain names and so would reduce the amount of time the proxy will be useful.

Website domains all end with a TLD (top level domain) like .com or .biz its important to choose the right one for your proxy. Obviously most people when they think of a website think of .com and so would be the ideal choice however your preferred name may not be available or you may be on a very tight budget. At the other end of the spectrum .info can cost as list as 99 cents. Whatever TLD you use try to make sure your site name is each to remember so people not only return but tell others about our proxy.

While it’s important not to use keywords that imply proxy or hiding you still want people to know it’s a proxy or at least associated with their goals. You could try words based around Myspace, Facebook as well as terms such access or browser etc. Given your trying to help people do something they consider fun you could attempt to use terms that relate to happiness or freedom what ever you choose keep it memorable.

A couple of dont’s try to make sure it’s a dedicated name not just a domain you had lying around, keep it short as possible longer the name the more characters the user needs to remember.

Once we have our domain name we need some proxy hosting.

Choose Your Host Wisely

One of the biggest mistakes made by people developing their first proxy is to choose a cheap host, when you look at the cost of hosting it varies from $2 a month through to $200 a week! It is worth remembering that the $2/month hosting deal is never going to be suitable for hosting even a semi successful proxy will need some VPS hosting. Ultimately to ruin your business it takes just 1 hour of downtime on your peak time.

How to choose your Proxy Hosting services?

Really you have two choices, a VPS/Dedicated service which is self managed or a dedicated proxy hosting. The first leaves you completely in control, so it will be up to you to install the required libraries and scripts but gives you the best flexibility. Dedicated Proxy hosting is often cheaper but also far more restrictive and rarely provides enough bandwidth.

When looking at host:

  • Check uptime figures many companies exaggerate these figures
  • Look for opinions in forums rather then relying on the companies testimonials page, don’t be afraid to contact people for their opinions
  • Check if they have a free trial or money back guarantee, if in doubt don’t sign that 12 month contract.
  • Check that you can upgrade as you expand and that you are able to leave the host.

Tip: You may be tempted to use the free domain that comes with most hosting for your proxy, make sure that the domain name belongs to you and not the hosting company a practice that is quite common.

While a dedicated proxy hosting is a good starting point you will want to move to a VPS/Dedicated server as quickly as possible. Don’t skimp on hosting it’s nearly always worth every cent.

Let’s continue and setup our first proxy.