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Bonus: Proxy Secrets

Ssh don’t tell anyone but here are some of my secrets to running proxies and save you money!

Block bad traffic – Bandwidth costs, if you are targeting young American school children you don’t want the Chinese army running denial of service attack on the pentagon through your proxy. Quite often it is simply easier to block geographical areas entirely from your proxy for example, china or Russian. The simplest way to do this is via htaccess, bad IP lists are regularly created simply upload the file and your done. Check the Web Development Blog on how-to block/allow traffic based on the visitors IP address

Disable Hot Linking – Some people will attempt to link directly to your proxified pages rather then going through your home page, not only does this make monitoring the users difficult they are not being exposed to our advertising on the home page. It makes sense then to redirect such traffic to our homepage.

If you own more then 1 proxy, link through to your other proxies this way you encourage users to use your entire network, of course this exposes your own sites (you could use javascript links rather then html links so scripts from black listers don’t grab your entire network)

Show a Legal notice page with a TOS, include privacy statement an outline that people shouldn’t use the site for illegal activities and that you as the own are not responsible for their actions. Make sure it sounds legal if you are seriously thinking about using proxies to make a lot of money you may wish to speak to a lawyer about drawing up such documents. Remember if your proxy is based in Europe it legally has to have a privacy policy it may be different from other countries.